We offer comprehensive, liberal arts BA degrees in dance and theatre as well as a multidisciplinary BFA degree in dance/theatre.

  • The BA in Theatre program challenges students in a rigorous, liberal arts curriculum that combines study in acting, dance, stagecraft, playwriting, theatre history, and drama with practical experience in producing, technical theatre, and arts management.    The program is intended for those who envision a career as an actor, director, playwright, theatre administrator, technical director or stage manager, or in related professions, such as law, business, and management.
  • The BA in Dance program challenges students in a wide range of physical techniques (ballet, modern, Afro-Caribbean, tango, tap and jazz) and somatic work, improvisation and choreography, and dance history.  The program is designed for those who intend to pursue a career as a dancer, choreographer, teacher, dance administrator, or dance therapist.
  • The multidisciplinary BFA in Multimedia Performing Arts program develops multidisciplinary actors and dancers who train to perform for the stage, film, television, and new media.  This intensive program is intended for those who envision a career as a performer in theatre, dance, film and related media.

Encouraged in all degrees are coursework and internships in performing arts management to connect students to the professional arts industry in New York City and to prepare them for their professional careers.